Palestinian National Theater

Jerusalem, Palestine


The Palestinian National Theatre (PNT) is a Palestinian non profit cultural institution which strives to create and develop a unique cultural life in Jerusalem, by producing and presenting artistic, educational and entertaining programs that reflect the aspirations of the Palestinian people.
The PNT shall work on the basis of a national cultural policy that stems its spiritual strength from the pluralistic history, culture and heritage of Palestine.
Our aim is to raise the literary and intellectual awareness of Palestinians by expanding their horizons and developing their awareness in order to produce a community of people that have confidence and pride in them and respect for the differences of others.
Because children and youth represent the majority of the Palestinian people, the PNT gives priority to programs that address this vital component of Palestinian society. In order to carry out these goals the PNT shall work with local Palestinian artists and groups and shall provide them with the training and encouragement needed.
The Palestinian National Theatre also presents international artistic productions and training workshops in cooperation with Arab and international governments and institutions. This networking goes in both directions with the aim of raising the cultural awareness of our audience and artists and developing awareness of Palestinian culture in the arts communities abroad.

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Palestinian National Theater
4, Abu Obiedah Ibn Al Jarah Street
281012 Jerusalem


Aucune représentation

Tarab , Cie 7273
21 avril 2015

La Nuit transfigurée , Cie Philippe Saire
29 avril 2014

Nil , Cie 7273
22 avril 2012

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