Antonio Bühler et Brigitte Meuwly

DA MOTUS ! Compagnie de danse
De Antonio Bühler et Brigitte Meuwly

Durée: 55 minutes

"A striking, exquisitely composed choreographic work that embodies both the lightness and transience of being and the existential awareness of a great shared movement in breath, voice and dance. A captivating magic runs through this choreographic and musical production, imbued with a sensitive dance quality. ‘souffle’ perhaps symbolises and stands for the many years Brigitte Meuwly and Antonio Bühler have spent working together, for their inexhaustibility. DA MOTUS! is highly admired internationally as a company that again and again opens up new and original gateways to dance, especially with its outdoor projects."
(Brigitta Luisa Merki, member of the Federal Dance Jury, Swiss Dance Awards 2015)

Brigitte Meuwly and Antonio Bühler were invited by Philippe Savoy, director of the Chamber Chorus Zeugma, to create an artistic collaboration, inspired by the local (Fribourg), choral tradition. They have risen to the challenge of uniting contemporary choreography and vocal creation based on an original score, composed by Caroline Charrière, around the fundamental role that breath represents for both modes of expression : dance and song.

The dancers start to move their bodies into a symbolic journey of life, brought alive by their breathing, the essence of our existence. Breath is incarnated into the dancers and finds its resonance and vitality as it courses through their bodies.

Spontaneous harmonies and orchestrated tensions emerge, generating bizarre images and sometimes provoking ambiguous sensations. The ethereal and celestial quality of the singing essentially clashes with the carnal and sensual character of the dance. « souffle » suggests to us through certain of its movements, that it is through the sexual union that the spirit is able to incarnate.

Dance and music work together in osmosis, counterpoint and complicity. Thus, bodies and voices are attracted and repelled, stimulating exchanges and emotions to reach the ephemeral realms, where everything is dissolved, where breath leaves its earthly form to regain its unknowable origin.

Contact Administratif

DA MOTUS ! Compagnie de danse
Route du Château-d'Affry 23
1762 Givisiez
+41 26 466 61 20

Antonio Bühler , Directeur artistique
+41 26 466 61 20


Antonio Bühler et Brigitte Meuwly
DA MOTUS ! Compagnie de danse

Equilibre-Nuithonie, Villars-sur-Glâne
Le 10 janvier 2013

Azusa Nishimura
Martina Hajdyla Lacova
Ismael Oiartzabal
Mickaël henrotay-Delaunay
Vittorio Bertolli
Caroline Charrière
Brigitte Meuwly

Photos du spectacle

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Fabrik Heeder, Krefeld, Allemagne
8 novembre 2018

Theater Wolfsburg (DE), Wolfsburg, Allemagne
4 février 2018

Festival Tanzeit - Zeitanz, Arosa
23 mai 2017

Teatro Foce, Lugano
7 mai 2017

Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
5 mai 2017

Pallas Theater, Nicosie, Chypre
16 juin 2016

Phönix Theater, Steckborn
14 au 15 avril 2016

Espace Danse, Neuchâtel
24 au 25 janvier 2015

Encuentro internacional Manta por la danza, Manta, Equateur
26 juin 2014

Danza nueva - Festival internacional de Lima, Lima, Pérou
19 au 21 juin 2014

Equilibre-Nuithonie, Villars-sur-Glâne
10 au 19 janvier 2013

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