Art Week Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Danemark

Direction: Jan Falk Borup


Art Week Copenhagen is Copenhagen’s yearly art event dedicated exclusively to contemporary art.

It is a celebration of the city’s diverse contemporary art scene and is created in a fruitful collaboration between the city’s many art venues and free agents. Acting as a collective platform Art Week strives to provide all visitors an in depth insight into the leading artists, institutions, galleries, exhibition spaces and their programs and events.

Art Week’s objective is to affirm Copenhagen as a metropolis for high quality contemporary art, and to communicate it to a wide public audience, welcoming both both regional, national and international visitors. With an ambition to accommodate artistic projects and formats that ranges from mainstream to experimental art, Art Week strives to assemble events and activities that engage the whole scene. As a supplement, Art Week develops every years, a series of co-produced special events and collaborations that take place in public space as well as in the institutions and on new partnering venues.

Art Week is initiated by the web magazine in 2013 and has since 2018 been a part of the Kunsten Media Fonden.

Contact Administratif

Art Week Copenhagen
2, Nyhavn
1051 Copenhagen


Aucune représentation

ONE ONE ONE , Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
16 au 25 mai 2018

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