Danae Festival

Milano, Italie

Direction artistique: Attilio Nicoli Cristiani



The Danae Festival is a daring and cross-cultural project by Teatro delle Moire aiming at giving visibility to new artistic experiences of the contemporary scene.
Since its beginning in Milan in 1999, it’s been hosting national and international artists working in and through various fields, from theatre to dance, from performing art to music, from video art to cinema, and hardly classifiable within strict definitions.
Brilliantly “out of place”, the Danae Festival also nurtures its nomadic vocation by constantly looking for different venues, either theatrical or not, but mainly for unconventional and urban locations where to set site-specific projects.
Danae is now partner of the Open Latitudes project, supported by the European Union and made by a network of theatres and festivals whose aim is to support the production and co-diffusion of the contemporary scene’s “hybrid forms”, and to promote new methods of diffusion and reflection, with the intent to consolidate and increase the audience of these expressive forms.
In 2009 Danae Festival was awarded the Premio Hystrio – Provincia di Milano prize.

Contact Administratif

Danae Festival
Teatro delle Moire
Via T. Taramelli 66
20124 Milano



Aucune représentation

FADED , Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
21 octobre 2021
7 novembre 2020

CHRO NO LO GI CAL , Arts Mouvementés - Yasmine Hugonnet
6 novembre 2019

Sing the Positions , Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
3 au 4 novembre 2018

Trophée , Skree Wolf
11 au 12 novembre 2017

ONE ONE ONE , Cie Ioannis Mandafounis
10 au 11 novembre 2017

Se Sentir Vivant , Arts Mouvementés - Yasmine Hugonnet
5 novembre 2017

iFeel4 , *Melk Prod. / Marco Berrettini
24 octobre 2017

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